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Which of our tours are right for you?

Whether you are looking for a day out behind an iconic steam locomotive, a luxury

dining excursion or simply a great value rail tour, we have something for you.

Main Line Steam

Take a nostalgic journey back in time! The chime of the whistle, plumes of steam drifting past the window.

Day Excursion Trains

Using the same traditional carriages as our steam tours, our excursion trains will take you far and wide, exploring unusual routes, scenic railway lines.

159 Specials

Introduced in 2013, our new range of budget-price excursions with comfortable Class 159 trains whisks you to a wide range of exciting places on the South Coast.

125 Specials

Run in conjunction with East Midlands Trains, these tours are aboard a specially chartered InterCity 125 High Speed Train.