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2018 tour programme nearly complete!

Today we added two additional tours with the superb Merchant Navy Pacific 35028 ‘Clan Line’. These are the Chilterns and Downs, which is a short-day tour on Saturday 24 November, and Carols at Sherborne Abbey on Thursday 20 December.

But tours don’t necessarily get confirmed in chronological order, so look out for an additional Forgotten Tracks railtour on Saturday 20 October, likely to be from King’s Cross to Scunthorpe. We should have everything ready to go public by the end of May or early June.

Our friends at SouthEastern (High Speed) are intending to run another British Legion charity special on the day before Remembrance Sunday, as is usual. We have no idea what form it will take this year but you might like to keep Saturday 10 November clear pending further news.

We can never rule out additional trips popping up at short notice as opportunities sometimes arise quite unexpectedly, but the programme is now quite a ‘full ‘ one so that’s probably it for 2018. But who knows?