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Save The Date!

Two exciting tours have been announced for 2016 so keep the dates free!

The South Western Centenary – Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2016tn_gb-gatwickexpress-class442-refurb-brighton-20081128

A weekend event marking one hundred years of third rail electrification on the London and South Western Railway and twenty years of Britain’s longest-running railway franchise. Based at the former Waterloo International terminal, tentative plans are for an exhibition of third rail rolling stock along with shuttle services. Look out, just possibly, for a fondly remembered South West Trains unit making a one day comeback!

The Quantock Pullman – Saturday 14 May 2016images

We had intended our Golden Jubilee Pullman to be a one-off but we have received so many requests for another trip on the ‘VSOE’ British Pullman that we could hardly refuse! So look out for a magnificent tour from London Victoria to Minehead, taking the famous train along the idyllic West Somerset Railway for the very first time.