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Carols at Sherborne Abbey

Thursday 20 December 2018

Nestled in the delightful Blackmore Vale, Sherborne is everything you could possibly expect of a town in beautiful rural Dorset. The whole place abounds in wonderful old buildings built of ocre yellow stone. There are welcoming pubs, cafes and interesting old shops.

Its crowning glory, Sherborne Abbey, is recognised as being the finest building in the whole county. Simon Jenkins, author of ‘England’s Thousand Best Churches’ said of the abbey: ‘I would pit Sherborne’s roof against any contemporary work of the Italian Renaissance’. Thirteen centuries later it is still renowned for its choir, its music and its great bells.

Our special train will be hauled throughout by a steam loco that would have worked through Sherborne on a daily basis in the days of steam, Merchant Navy Class 35028 ‘Clan Line’.

The train will depart from London Victoria, calling also at Staines. From here our journey is via Byfleet Junction, Basingstoke and the delightfully unspoilt station at Salisbury where we pause to take water. Then it’s on down the Blackmore Vale, passing the Somerset & Dorset junction station of Templecome, to arrive at Sherborne. The Abbey is no more than a five minute level walk from the station.

We are extremely grateful to the Parish Secretary at Sherborne Abbey for her invaluable help in arranging a unique Christmas carol concert especially for our visit here. You have a three hour break so there will be plenty of time to explore the town as well as to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the carol concert.

All fares include a contribution to Sherborne Abbey to cover the concert.

All timings are provisional and intended only as a guide.

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