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The Canterbury Tale

Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2018

‘The Canterbury Tale’ promises to be a wonderful day trip; not only visiting one of the country’s most historic cities where the sights and sounds of old England can be enjoyed, but also the beautiful journey will take the train along the foot of the iconic White Cliffs, providing passengers stunning views of the Kent coast.

Canterbury bound, the train departs from Peterborough station and heads south along the East Coast Main Line, with station calls at St Neots, Stevenage and Potters Bar. After a further passenger call at Finsbury Park the train takes the steep climb up onto the North London Line with views across the large development at Kings Cross – St Pancras. The train then continues out of the capital heading East towards Maidstone and Ashford, before the final leg of our outward journey to Canterbury.

Passengers will have around 3 hours to explore Canterbury, a UNESCO heritage site brimming with thousands of years of history. Today the city famous for its traditional streets and buildings, including the ancient cathedral, which provided the backdrop to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. After a few hours in Canterbury the train embarks on its scenic return journey, heading towards Minster and taking the the Junction for Dover and the Cinque Ports. The steep climb of Martin Mill Bank affords good views of Dover castle and port before our route plunges under Shakespeare’s Cliff and emerge along the famous White Cliffs. Passengers will enjoy coastal views as we head back towards Ashford, picking up the outward route. In London, Tornado says goodbye and a diesel locomotive speeds the train back towards Peterborough.

This tour is promoted by The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust with UK Railtours acting as ticket agents. All profits will go towards keeping Tornado on the main line in future years.

All timings are provisional and intended only as a guide.

St Neots08.3021.30
Potters Bar09.4020.30
Finsbury Park10.0020.10