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Shrewsbury in Springtime

Saturday 15 May 2021

This is an ideal springtime day out, offering you a choice of three top-class destinations, namely Shrewsbury, Attingham Park (NT) or Ironbridge and Blists Hill Museum. If there was ever a tour that could claim to offer something for everyone, surely this is it!

Our journey takes us via Peterborough where we veer westward to pass through the ancient county of Rutland and on via Leicester and Nuneaton. We skirt Birmingham via the surprisingly rural Sutton Park Line, and once past Wolverhampton we head through lovely countryside bound for Shropshire.


Is it pronounced ‘Shroozbury’ or ‘Shrowsbury’? It’s not worth worrying about as even people who live here don’t agree. What can’t be disputed is that it’s a really delightful place, famous for its beautiful gardens, its frontage on the meandering River Severn and of course for its connections with its most famous citizen Charles Darwin.

There’s a great range of shops and plenty of welcoming bars and cafes, and the river cruise is especially pleasant. The station is not far from the centre, so it really is an ideal place to while away an afternoon. You will have some four and a half hours at leisure.


Coaches meet our train at Telford Central. Our first stop is in the village of Ironbridge where you can see and walk across the famous bridge that has come to symbolise the Industrial Revolution and its birthplace. You’ll have time to pick up a souvenir or two before rejoining the coaches for a very short journey to Blists Hill Museum, a truly amazing recreated Victorian town.

Here you’ll experience what life was like when Britain ruled the world. Meet some (almost) real Victorians in their authentic shops and cottages, buy curious goods from a bygone era and watch tradespeople in action in their atmospheric workshops and factories. You will have well over two hours here.


Another of our National Trust Specials – visit a lavish 18th Century Mansion shaped by a story of love and neglect

Built for the first Lord Berwick in 1785, Attingham was owned by one family for more than 160 years. As fortunes rose and fell they proved themselves to be spenders, savers and saviours, leaving a tantalising story of love and neglect whose mark still shows in Attingham’s fascinating rooms today. Outside, discover the tranquil space of the Walled Garden and bring some produce home with you from our shop. Or walk through the woodlands and deer park to see what wildlife you can spot.

At Telford Central coaches will be waiting for the transfer to Attingham Park, taking around twenty five minutes. You will have around four hours to explore this enchanting place.

Attingham is now owned by the National Trust and we are pleased to offer an appropriate discount for NT members.


First Class Dining includes the Great British Breakfast and a four-course dinner. A buffet car is available for those not dining.

Class Price Availability
Standard Adult£79.50Good
Standard Junior£69.50Good
First Class Non Dining£125.00Limited
First Class Dining£179.00Good
First Class Dining Party of Four£696.00Good
Ironbridge and Blists Hill £19.00Good
Attingham£18.00 or £6.00 NT membersGood

Timings are provisional and should only be used as a guide.

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