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The Cottam Farewell

Saturday 28 September 2019

This tour is fully booked.

With very grateful thanks to EDF Energy we are delighted to announce a new Forgotten Tracks excursion. This trip provides the final opportunity to visit Cottam Power Station and acknowledge the great contribution the power station has made to our nation over the past fifty years. The power station is expected to cease generation permanently just two days after this special charter train has departed.

The Cottam Power Station loop, which we shall traverse in full, is at the end of its own three-mile branch line. The line has only seen passenger trains on very rare occasions with the last being around twenty five years ago which just goes to underline what a rare privilege EDF Energy has afforded us with this visit.

We will also cover a number of goods lines and loops during our journey to and from North Nottinghamshire including, with the kind support of GBRf and Electro-Motive Diesel, a trip into their Doncaster Roberts Road Depot on the way home.

With twelve hours of daylight still available to us in late September the full itinerary from the last pick up point to the first set down is expected to be completed before the sun sets. As this will be a very full day a short break in Worksop has been included in the itinerary.

Important Note: Please be aware that there are special security restrictions in place for Cottam. Full names of all passengers travelling must be submitted with your booking (please enter these under ‘Booking Notes and Preferences’) and we require all passengers to carry a valid form of identification on the day (for example a passport or photo driving licence). A number of EDF Energy security staff will be travelling with us on the day.

For security reasons bookings for this tour will close at 17:00 on Friday 13 September 2019 although we expect the train to be fully booked a long time before this.

The complete route is as follows:

Clapham Junction, St Albans, Bedford, Leicester, Toton, Mansfield, Shirebrook, Worksop, Retford, Cottam Power Station, Retford, Worksop (40 minute break), South Yorkshire Joint Line, Doncaster Bridge Street Junction, Roberts Road Depot, Mexborough, Beighton Junction, Chesterfield, Toton and as per set down stations to Clapham Junction

All prices include a donation to Breast Cancer Now, the chosen charity of EDF Energy Cottam Power Station. A donation to GBRf/EMD Doncaster Roberts Road chosen charity will also be made.

In view of the length of the route a counter service of inexpensive hot snack meals will be available for those not dining. Please note First Class Dining is not available from (or back to) Leicester.

First Class Dining includes the Great British Breakfast, coffee and pastries and a four course dinner.

Standard Adult£94.50Full
Standard Junior£84.50Full
First Non-Dining£134.50Full
First Dining£197.50Full
First Dining Party of Four£770.00Full

All timings are provisional and intended only as a guide.

Clapham Junction07.0021.55
St Albans City07.5521.00