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The Curvey Weaver

Saturday 1 June 2019

NEWS UPDATE. After months of work including extensive foliage clearance by Network Rail, we can now announce the inclusion of the Winnington branch. This has seen no traffic for sometime and its future is possibly in doubt. Only limited places still available.

After months of planning, in conjunction with our friend Ian Loveday, we are pleased to announce a classic ‘Forgotten Tracks’ railtour to the north-west of England and in particular the area around the River Mersey. During our perambulations we travel over some lines that have not seen a passenger train for over a quarter of a century and we make maximum use of June daylight hours to explore before heading back south through the long midsummer evening.

We head out of London via the West Coast Main Line where we diverge right to descend to Walton Old Junction Sidings and Latchford where our first reversal is made. We then continue via Warrington Bank Quay (Low Level), Ditton Junction, Liverpool South Parkway (reverse) then via Allerton East Junction and into Garston Freightliner Terminal. We are very grateful to Freightliner for agreeing for us to access their terminal.

The full route is London Euston, WCML, Crewe, Warrington Yard, Latchford Sidings, Halewood Reception Sidings, Liverpool South Parkway area, Up & Down Garston Chord, Garston Freightiner Terminal, Ditton, Frodsham Curve (southbound), Chester, Mouldsworth, Hartford West Junction, Hartford North Junction, Winnington branch, Hartford North Junction, Hartford East Junction, Middlewich, Sandbach, Crewe, WCML, Euston.

First Class Dining is available, but not to those leaving the train at Crewe.

For those not dining a second kitchen car will be offering hot snack meals in addition to the usual drinks and light refreshments.

Early interest has been very great and STANDARD CLASS IS ALREADY FULLY BOOKED.

All timings are provisional and intended only as a guide.

Station DepartArrive
London Euston06.4522.55
Watford Junction07.0522.25

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