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The White Rose

Saturday 27 April 2019

Join us as we head for Yorkshire with three attractive destinations in one train. No. 60163 Tornado will be at home heading north from London King’s Cross along the East Coast Main Line (ECML). The train continues north through Grantham and Doncaster, the latter where the Peppercorn class A1s were designed and 26 of the original 49 constructed, before leaving the ECML at Hambleton Junction to head west. We climb Micklefield bank and then descend into Leeds where passengers can choose to alight for around five hours to visit the city. Tornado then leads our train north as we pass through the suburban scenery and out into the Yorkshire countryside as we head towards the spa town  of  Harrogate,  a  first  visit  for  the  locomotive,  and  where passengers have around four hours to explore. We then depart from Harrogate and head to York where you will have around three hours to visit the city as Tornado is turned and serviced for the return journey.

We retrace our steps from York via Hammerton and Knaresborough to pick up passengers from Harrogate. We then head through Horsforth and Headingley before arriving into Leeds. From here we steam east as far as Doncaster where Tornado leaves us and an electric locomotive returns us via the ECML to London.


Shopping in Leeds is a treat, with its many stunning Victorian arcades, Europe’s largest indoor market, Kirkgate Market, and the magnificent Corn Exchange, all steeped in the history of Leeds. In the Victoria Quarter, you’ll also find Harvey Nicholls – the first outside of London, and the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon cocktail. For more history and culture, Leeds has a wealth of museums many within walking distance of the city centre. These include Leeds Art Gallery, the award winning medical Thackray Medical Museum and Leeds City Museum which explores a million years of history, taking you from the Egyptians to the Romans and beyond.


Harrogate  is  the  definitive  boutique  spa  town  in  the  heart  of Yorkshire. Its thriving streets buzz with busy Harrogate shops and eateries, a favourite being Betty’s Café tea room which celebrates its centenary in 2019. There is nowhere better for a brew than the home of Yorkshire Tea! Possibly the most distinctive feature of Harrogate is its pretty open space that surrounds the town centre, known locally as the Stray, at 200 acres this gives Harrogate town centre a green and spacious feel unique to the town.


Passengers visiting York can take time to explore the city centre with the historic Minster and Shambles, or enjoy the many riverside bars and eateries. For a real rail adventure, The National Railway Museum stands close to York station and passengers may wish to visit the steam giants of the past.

This tour is promoted by The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust with UK Railtours acting as ticket agents. All profits will go towards keeping Tornado on the main line in future years.

All timings are provisional and intended only as a guide.

London King's Cross08.0022.10
Potters Bar08.2521.45